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Pachymetry (Corneal Thickness Measurement)

Pachymetry is a quick and simple diagnostic examination used to measure the thickness of the cornea (dome-shaped window covering the front of the eye). It is most commonly used while diagnosing glaucoma. Many tests are used to determine the intra-ocular pressure, but the different thicknesses of the cornea in each person may interfere with the results. Once the cornea is measured using the pachymetry test, a more accurate intra-ocular pressure can be determined. Furthermore, a reduced central corneal thickness is associated with increased glaucoma risk independent of the intraocular pressure.

During the evaluation, your doctor will apply a topical anaesthesia on your eyes and gently place the pachymetry probe against the central cornea. The corneal thickness measurement helps to judge glaucoma risk and is used when developing a treatment plan. The procedure is painless and takes only a few seconds to evaluate both the eyes.


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