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Top 5 Myths About Glaucoma

Top 5 Myths About Glaucoma

1. Glaucoma is due to high eye pressure

This is a common misconception. High eye pressure is a risk factor for glaucoma but is not necessarily present when glaucoma develops. Many people with glaucoma have an eye pressure within the normal range, and conversely some individuals have a high eye pressure but never develop glaucoma.

2. Developing glaucoma will cause you to go blind

The majority of individuals who develop glaucoma do not go blind during their life time. This is because glaucoma on average progresses very slowly, effective treatments are available and glaucoma is being detected earlier.

3. You know when you have glaucoma because it affects your vision and you may have other symptoms

Early glaucoma is not usually associated with a perceived change in vision and is not associated with other visual symptoms. Because of this, at least 50% of individuals in the community with glaucoma have not yet been diagnosed and are unaware they have it.

4. Glaucoma can be “cured”

Glaucoma is a chronic condition requiring life-long treatment and ongoing monitoring. Any loss of vision due to glaucoma is generally irreversible. The aim of treatment is to slow or prevent further loss of vision. For this reason, early detection and intervention is imperative.

5. A diagnosis of glaucoma can be made by simply having test

The diagnosis of glaucoma is made after careful consideration of a patients history and risk factors, clinical assessment and supportive diagnostic testing. Reliance on test results alone can lead to either over and under diagnosis.


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